Friday, 30 April 2010

Kiss and Katch Me!

At last her own scooter! Now big brother can stop hiding his and the girls and him can scoot away to their hearts content! A bit of sunshine and our favourite outfits have come out to play! Kiss Katch's cool yet cosy playsuit is perfect for little girls that like to climb trees, go down the slide and generally give the boys some competiton in the play ground! Girly yet totally practical these are perfect - and it has made up most of our little girlies wardrobe this summer - to buy some please visit my very good friend Nicki at Kool Kids - she has the outfits and now the bows to match them!!!! Shorts, skirts, gorgeous aqua, raspberry, navy and white - team it with a Medium Bow or a tiny Mini Bow Clip to give it some girlie glamour!

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